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BXD balisong belt carry sheath


With both sides molded  and utilizing a Spyderco G Clip this is the most versatile sheath we offer.

A truly ambidextrous sheath, that allows  you to carry your knife either right or left side(by switching around the G clip) in various positions, vertical,horizontal, angled, inside the waist or on the belt  with handles facing fore or aft 

The Spyderco G Clip will fit up to 1.75 belt width (a bit tight)

We also offer the following  attachments(instead of the G clip)for those who'd  prefer something different:

 Tek Lok small or large 

Soft belt loop (3/4 inch) wide for IWB carry

And lastly 

We  can offer it with the ULTICLIP option  for those who prefer

  inside the pants beltless carry 

(The ULTICLIP has been  modified to fit  our sheaths)

*For more info on the Combat Loop click here : COMBAT LOOP