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Available colors

The colors in the list below are available in my store

(If you don`t see any of them   available in a listing for a sheath   email me)

Black (.080 , .093) ,  Blue(Police),  Blood red, Coyote brown (.080,.093 )  ,Desert Tan,  Flat dark earth fall, Flat dark earth spring, Foliage green, Gray, Graveyard skulls, Hunter Orange, Olive Drab (.080 .093), Zombie green, Safety yellow, Pink, Purple 


Black (.080 .093) Coyote Brown (.080  .093) Desert Tan, Foliage green, Olive Drab, Red , Storm gray, 


Graveyard skulls, Multicamo (Supercam) 


Altitude, EMT red, Highlander, Mandrake, Neptune, Nomad, Raid, Typhon, Yeti 

Micro Kryptek 

Altitude, Highlander, Mandrake, Neptune, Nomad, Raid, Typhon 

Raptor (Whiskey)  

Black, Brown. 

Basket weave 


Below  are picture samples of various kydex colors. ATM we do not carry all of them

  Coyote Brown        

        Graveyard skulls                coyote brown                                  Raptor   Brown                       Raptor Black


     Storm Grey C/F                               FDE Spring                                  FDE Fall