Thank you for visiting us i hope you`ll find a sheath for your knife here.

Q:do you need me to send my knife in to make a sheath for it?

A:  If your knife is listed in our website then no, there is no need to send it in. 

Q: Can you make a sheath for XXX knife?

A: ***At this time i cannot take any custom orders***

 If XXX knife is not listed in the webstore, no i do not,but i can make a sheath for it if you send me yours 

Q: What is the cost for a sheath for a knife that I will send to you?

A: Email us to give you a quote. Expect to pay close to the same as a knife with similar blade length in our store plus shipping to and from (insurance is optional by your choice)

Q: I  have a  clone/counterfeit / "look alike" of one of the knives listed on your website ,will it fit in the sheath of the listed knife?



A kydex sheath will only fit the knife that is made for and not a clone, counterfeit or a “look alike” knife 

If you order one of the listed sheaths  for your clone, counterfeit or a “look alike” knife and you wish to return it because it does not fit, we  will  charge a 20% restocking fee. 

Q: I have a  knife that is on your list but is modified, will the sheath fit it?

A: Depends on the mod.  For example f it`s a balisong with custom handles NO.If it`s a folder with a "regrind" no problem

you can email me with details and ask

  Q:   What is the approximate time to receive my sheath after placing an order?

 A: It is posted on the homepage. I update it every time lead times change

Q: on your homepage  you wrote you`ll have my sheath ready in  X days but it`s X days already and i don`t even have a tracking yet.

A :  X days is not the same as  X business days

Q :What is a Business day?

A :A business day is Monday through Friday. If a Holiday happens to be on one of these days then it is not a business day

 Q: I emailed 3 days ago you and have not heard back from you

A: I usually answer within 24 to 48 hours if you don`t see an email  check your spam folder