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How We Got Started

I started experimenting with Kydex Sheaths in 2011. I wanted a better way of carrying my Balisong Knives than to have them loose in my pockets.


With some encouragement and support from members of the Jerzeedevil Knife Forum, I started making them and selling them in the Forum.


 Since then I have made few different designs for Balisong Sheaths, some are similar to what’s out there and some might be original. I say “might be “because I have never seen any similar in any Google Search that I have done, not that they don't exist.


My next step in Sheath making was  Neck Sheaths for folding knives, using the fold over(or Taco style , as is best known among the kydexbenders) method and my main line of neck sheaths  is what I call the “R.D.N.S” (Rapid deployment neck sheath).

It allows the user to deploy the blade while drawing the knife out of the sheath.


 I also use the fold over method for my fixed blade sheaths. It has a smaller footprint than the sandwich or pancake method leading in a more “streamlined” sheath, but I do make sandwich style sheaths as well.


I use .080 thickness quality Kydex for most of my sheaths and also .093 thickness on the larger knives. For mounting  solutions i use the Spyderco G clip and Tek Loks for custom  made brackets and "danglers" I use solely 0.125 thick Kydex.All the edges are buffed polished and radiused . 

I might add some more future variants as I develop my work.